Introduction to Dairy Lesson

Welcome to Introduction to Dairy, the first course in the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow curriculum. This lesson provides a broad overview of the dairy industry. By the end of this course, students will be able to describe the economic impact of the dairy industry, know historic events that have impacted the industry, identify different types of housing facilities as well as have a basic understanding of marketing dairy products.

Introduction to Dairy: Course Objectives

Things to Note About This Course: 

  • This is a NON-Certification Course
  • There is no certification examination required at the end of this course, though there is a Prerequisite Examination based on this course that must be completed before future certification exams
  • Instructors are responsible for grading all course material but can utilize the Instructor Keys located on the drive provided by email after registration
  • No lesson grades must be submitted to the Center for Dairy Excellence

How to Complete this Course: 

  1. Discuss with instructor how they would like you to complete this course.
  2. Begin with “Lesson 1.1: What is the Dairy Industry?” under “Course Content.” You can either print off the Student Lesson worksheets or fill them out electronically by selecting the “fillable” option.
    • Complete any reading passages and/or presentations that are needed.
  3. Complete the “Activating Strategy”. This activity is to help you begin thinking about the topic that is going to be discussed throughout the lesson.
  4. After the Activating Strategy is completed, return to the “Student Lesson” to complete the worksheet.
  5. At the end of the lesson, complete the Lesson 1.1: What is the Dairy Industry? Quiz 
  6. When the lesson is completed and you have passed the quiz, you will be able to move on to the next lesson.
  7. Repeat steps to complete lessons 1.2-1.8. 
  8. When all the lessons are completed and submitted, complete the Prerequisite Exam for this course.
    • The Prerequisite Exam is required before moving onto other courses.

If you have any questions while completing this lesson, please feel free to contact Brittany Snyder at the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation at or by phone 717-246-0849.