Hands-on Experimental Learning Experiences

Beginning in 2017, Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Exploration Experiences offer students the opportunity to utilize formal education skills in hands-on experimental learning experiences. These “Experiences” will give high school students the opportunity to see firsthand the techniques and skills that were learned in the classroom being applied in a real-world setting, allow them to engage in STEM learning through agricultural-focused areas all while exploring potential career opportunities and cultivating a network of industry professionals.

The mission for the DLT Exploration Experience is to provide students and youth interested in dairy the opportunity to utilize formal education skills in hands-on experimental learning experiences. In addition, the DLT Exploration Experience is designed to cultivate interest in a variety of careers available in the dairy industry.

The next Exploration Experience is currently being planned for April 2022. Questions about the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Exploration Experience can be directed to Michelle Shearer by phone at 570-768-8316 or via email at mshearer@centerfordairyexcellence.org.

2021 “Own It” Exploration Experience with Premier Select Sires

Partnering with Premier Select Sires, students learned about the four divisions of do-ers, analyze-ers, techies and sell-ers from industry professionals. Each presentation had a hands-on activity for students to engage in that type of career. Then in the afternoon, students toured Brubaker Farms and learned from the herd manager about his responsibilities around the dairy farm.

Thursday, October 14, 2021 at Brubaker Farms in Mount Joy, Lancaster County, PA

Photos for this year’s event:

2021 Own It Exploration Experience Group Photo
Jeff, a Premier Select Sires Product Manager, demonstrates the process of safely thawing and handling semen as an AI technician.
Students were able to practice AI techniques on reproductive tracts.
Dr. Bridget, Brubaker Farm’s Herd Veterinarian, discussed the career of a veterinarian and the education needed.
Mikayla and the rest of the students were able to view live sperm in a microscope activity.
Daphne, a Premier Select Sire Dairy Coordinator, showed students how to type cows on the farm.
Students typed two cows on the Brubaker Farm to determine which cow was better.
Kelvin, Brubaker Farm’s Herd Manager, took participants on a tour of the farms and discussed his responsibilities in his career.